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Where are you at this very moment?  Is it a place where you want to be?  I heard a young lady on the radio the other day say she wished she was older because of her love for old school music.  No dear, you were born exactly when God planned, not a minute sooner.  I wish I could help so many women realize that, but we have to all take that journey and find out where we need to be for ourselves.  As a mother, I can live by example, teach, preach, cry and show them everything they need to be the women they are destined to be, but I can’t tell them who and what to be.  

I worked for the phone company for 11-1/2 years.   I loved the money, made life long friends while I was employed there,  but disliked the job.  Funny thing is, I learned a lot on that job, how to speak to customers, how to tell by your conversation with a customer if they are buying or just getting what they requested.  I understand why I worked there and spent the 11-1/2 years in the same department.  It took the last 3 years for me to understand it.  I appreciate everything I do and how I make my money so much more now because if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.   I don’t have 3 weeks of vacation time to fall back on, I take off, I don’t make any money.   Every dime I make now I work for it by using my skills, talents and my professionalism.   I hope that makes sense to you all, I know it sounds the same, but my level of appreciation is different because I’m self employed.

How amazing is it to have the mindset to work for yourself?  It’s not for everyone, it’s hard work and in my case seems I’m on the computer 24/7.  Blogging has taken me places I didn’t think I could be, allows me to share with people I wouldn’t have normally met in real life.  I write now when I have something to say, I don’t really set a schedule.  I try to blog 2-3 days a week, work my contractor job and crochet and make jewelry.  In between all of that, I have idea after idea rolling around and I will get out my journal or put a note in my iPhone.   On top of that I take care of my family and run a tight ship (pretty much).

I no longer try to explain what I do, I just do it and to the best of my ability.  I’m a nurturer by nature, love to listen to music, watch anything on MSNBC, HGTV & DIY networks and social media addict.  I can create with beads, baubles, crimping tool, yarn and crochet hooks.  I would rather sit around the house with sweats on and my hair in two strand twists, but will clean up on Sunday and when I go out.  I have my own style, but will appreciate and respect yours.  No time for hating and drama, just encouraging and lifting people I come in contact with….that’s where I am right now.  


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  1. Love it! I’m working on getting where I need to be, but as you stated learning, growing and taking notes while I’m where I am currently.
    Michelle recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Gratitude ListMy Profile

    • It’s so funny, I’ve searched and searched for what I wanted to do. I’m happy to say I’m good and appreciate where I am now.

  2. Amen. I struggle with accepting who I am and enjoying/learning where I am. It’s nice to see that you have that appreciation. That gives me hope.
    Daenel T recently posted..Throwback Thursday: Remember the Sabbath {In the Church}My Profile

  3. This is a great post! I’m in a place where I’m reevaluating where I’m meant to be. Part of it has been fear of walking in my calling, but that fear is being replaced with urgency because I’m ready to DO what I’m supposed to be doing NOW!
    Brandi recently posted..Modnique and My Awesome New BootsMy Profile

  4. It was interesting to read this post and to get to learn a little about you. A woman should know her place in the universe and it appears that you do.
    Janeane Davis recently posted..Better Blogging and Better Business 11/23/13My Profile

  5. Love! I feel like I am constantly evolving and working on myself. I get in my own head a lot and then talk myself out of it. You go and keep on keeping on!
    Rachee recently posted..East Passyunk’s ‘Spirits & Suds’ Jingles Into 14 Restaurants and BarsMy Profile

  6. I think when we listen to music, it has the power to transport us mentally to another place and time. We hear the music and we can see ourselves there.

    I agree though that we’re all brought into this world by God for a reason. Sometimes we get so caught up in routine that we forget to ask ourselves, am I where I want to be? I’ll be thinking about that today!
    Arelis Cintron recently posted..Why we must teach children how to be grateful.My Profile

    • I agree and it’s a daily struggle to stay true to what you are doing and make sure it’s God we are listening to and no other influences.

  7. Preach Miss Whitney! I feel like at 30 I’m just coming into my own. I recognize that my struggles have been true learning experiences and the things I desired at one point were just not in alignment with what I was could to do or be at the moment I desired them. I appreciate this post. It has affirmed some of my own feelings and thoughts and re-energized me to listen, do, and be more! Thank you!
    Andrea recently posted..6 Lessons on Relationships & Friendship from ‘The Best Man Holiday’My Profile

    • I just want to encourage and let women know that every last one of us have the same issues and insecurities, recognize it, accept it and live your life like it’s golden.

  8. Very well stated, Whitney! As women, we must learn to be who we are – and stop trying to fit an image given to us by the media.

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