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I am still in shock after last night’s episode of Scandal.  This is some good old fashion drama TV.  I think I’ll watch several times this weekend to take everything in.  I may even have to go back a couple of episodes to get it all.   Social  media was on fire last night, Twitter and Facebook.  I can be so tired, but I perk up at 9:00 cst you can believe that.  Everyone is getting their time in from that stupid Quinn, Harrison and as always Cyrus, that wig and beard were too funny. Let’s not get started on the two dads.  I can’t wait for the rest of the story about Liv’s mom and I bet the first-born of Mellie & Fitz is his dad’s child.   I love this picture of the cast.

Scandal Season 3



One of my Facebook friends posted a comment regarding the show.  ”I wonder if Christ were to come and sit down and watch TV with us, would we feel like we’d better change the channel?”  He never mentioned Scandal, but the post came right after it went off.  We are so judgmental.  Let me say this, TV is entertainment, the way we watch it is different with social media, so of us a more colorful with words and that’s what makes it looks offensive.  I feel the same way about listening to R&B, jazz and any music other than gospel.  I am a lover of God, I know where I stand in his life and I know that without a doubt that Jesus died for my sins.  What a wonderful sacrifice he made for us.   God sees everything you do, even knows what you think. 

We ordered a new bedroom set in September,  when the delivery company was putting the bed together, the posts for the headboard were queen.  We called the company, they apologized and said it would take 12 business days to have the correct posts for the headboard.  That was mid October, today they brought another headboard, no posts.  My husband and I called again and listened as the customer service agent read her pre-approved apology.  I explained to the woman that we wanted the correct item and put a rush on delivery.  Talk about testing patience, something I’m still working on.  It’s such a nice set, can’t wait until it’s all together so I can share a picture with you all.  Gonna order me a comforter set from Nomorerack once it comes.  Have any of you ordered from them?

Time to do shopping for our Thanksgiving meal, not sure what we are gonna have but I’ll get the basics, all my seasonings, corn meal and other essentials like that.   My husband likes ham but he’s the only one that really eats it so it’s such a waste to get a big one, but we’ll see.    

I’ve been crocheting all over the place, look at my page for updates and new pictures.  It relaxes me and I can do it while I watch TV.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  1. Girl scandal…..I am so speechless I don’t have anything more to say. I never heard of them but let me put them on my no buy list.
    Kita recently posted..Zaza…the second mamaMy Profile

  2. Scandal had too much going on last night girl!!! The writing is just phenomenal. I was so disappointed in that scened with Fitz’s father. I despise stuff like that. Geesh, it is time for Thanksgiving shopping!
    Joi recently posted..Kids in the Kitchen & Exercise Dance PartyMy Profile

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