Loving My Crafts!

I’m a crafter. I crochet and make jewelry, but now I also have an interest in paper crafting and making wreaths. I wish I had spare time to take a class for each, but a girl barely has time for what I’m doing now.

I enjoy crocheting so much, I decided to start teaching a class at Hobby Lobby starting April 1st. I am so excited! It took a lot for me to get out of my comfort zone and do something I know I can do. There is also a need for jewelry making at that location. That is also in my list, basic beading/stringing.

Blogging has taken a step back, but I haven’t given up on it. I still want to share my journey including the twists and turns. Hopefully my life and the things I do to survive will encourage someone.

Who would have thought I could take something I love to do and make money while doing it? My Etsy shop is growing, I’m getting good feedback from it and I’m so glad I set up this shop to sell my handmade items? You know another social media I get a great response from? Instagram. My following has been increasing and I’ve met some fellow “hookers” that I’ve connected with. Hookers is the term for crocheters, because we use a crochet hook to create with.  

My plans for this year is to crochet hats, scarves and fingerless gloves for school children locally. I want to have these items ready by the time school starts so I can donate them along with the back packs and school supplies. This is a project that my daughters and I will do together. I’ll probably start around May or June so we’ll have plenty for donation. If I can’t do it for August, I’ll talk to my church and donate them when they do the food drive for Thanksgiving. That may be a better time to do it, the need will be there at that time.

One thing I know, life will take you here when you want to go over there. You can do one of two things, go with the flow or go crazy trying to figure out. I’m going with the flow, continue to pray, keep the faith and craft until it gets better.

Here a few pieces I’ve been working on lately.  The tote bag/purse and earrings are both popular items and I love the personalized afghan.


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Where I’m Meant To Be


Where are you at this very moment?  Is it a place where you want to be?  I heard a young lady on the radio the other day say she wished she was older because of her love for old school music.  No dear, you were born exactly when God planned, not a minute sooner.  I wish I could help so many women realize that, but we have to all take that journey and find out where we need to be for ourselves.  As a mother, I can live by example, teach, preach, cry and show them everything they need to be the women they are destined to be, but I can’t tell them who and what to be.  

I worked for the phone company for 11-1/2 years.   I loved the money, made life long friends while I was employed there,  but disliked the job.  Funny thing is, I learned a lot on that job, how to speak to customers, how to tell by your conversation with a customer if they are buying or just getting what they requested.  I understand why I worked there and spent the 11-1/2 years in the same department.  It took the last 3 years for me to understand it.  I appreciate everything I do and how I make my money so much more now because if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.   I don’t have 3 weeks of vacation time to fall back on, I take off, I don’t make any money.   Every dime I make now I work for it by using my skills, talents and my professionalism.   I hope that makes sense to you all, I know it sounds the same, but my level of appreciation is different because I’m self employed.

How amazing is it to have the mindset to work for yourself?  It’s not for everyone, it’s hard work and in my case seems I’m on the computer 24/7.  Blogging has taken me places I didn’t think I could be, allows me to share with people I wouldn’t have normally met in real life.  I write now when I have something to say, I don’t really set a schedule.  I try to blog 2-3 days a week, work my contractor job and crochet and make jewelry.  In between all of that, I have idea after idea rolling around and I will get out my journal or put a note in my iPhone.   On top of that I take care of my family and run a tight ship (pretty much).

I no longer try to explain what I do, I just do it and to the best of my ability.  I’m a nurturer by nature, love to listen to music, watch anything on MSNBC, HGTV & DIY networks and social media addict.  I can create with beads, baubles, crimping tool, yarn and crochet hooks.  I would rather sit around the house with sweats on and my hair in two strand twists, but will clean up on Sunday and when I go out.  I have my own style, but will appreciate and respect yours.  No time for hating and drama, just encouraging and lifting people I come in contact with….that’s where I am right now.  


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Spyware, Viruses & Pain In The…Oops

I had to buy a new computer for work on Monday.  The old Dell was over 7 years old and it was my husbands computer.  I clicked on a link on a website I use everyday and it had spy-ware  on it.  I was stressed because Microsoft wanted to charge $99 to clean the system and remove the spy-ware.  The computer is old, and my husband didn’t want to spend the money on removing the spy-ware/virus and it was guaranteed for 30 days.  It is such a pain to buy a new computer, all my old info is on that computer and I can’t access any of it.  Files, documents, pictures it’s all lost.  Had to purchase Microsoft Office 2010, haven’t installed that yet.  I will not let this get me down, I still have my iMac and I love it.  Wish I could do my work from my iMac, it would make life more simple.  I know there are reports that iMac’s can get viruses, but I thank God I haven’t had any problems.  

The virus completely messed up my day, wasn’t able to get anything else done.  It took 3 hours to run a full scan on the computer, I had to give up hours I was scheduled to work.  I took it in stride, nothing I could do about it.  When I felt the stress coming, I said a quick prayer and a deep breath.  No joke, and it helped me get through the day.  I just have to watch my credit cards and other account info very closely.  I may even consider changing them since most of them are debit cards.  I know my husband was mad, but I was proud of him for not going completely off about it, I felt bad enough.  What a costly mistake I made, but I honestly didn’t know that would happen.  Kind of has me cautious about surfing my favorite websites now.  

I got a new Dell laptop, I really like it since I had to get a windows based computer for work.  Plus it will allow me to work when I have to go to Kansas City during this move.  I also have a 3 year warranty and support against viruses, spyware and any other type of infections that will compromise my computer.  Good thing, I was able to download my programs so I could work today.  

In the end, it was an inconvenience and costly.  We were just talking about replacing my work computer soon, but we didn’t want to do it before the move.  I probably have to put off the camera I wanted for my birthday, but that’s okay.  I have a brand new laptop to work from, thanks to my wonderful husband.  Thanks honey!



Pictures of my new laptop, old desktop and the sunset on the drive home, very calming.  No feelings were hurt or arguments happened as a result of my mistake.  Have you all had this happen before and how did you handle it?  

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It’s Almost Over…

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a few days since my last post.  Let me explain…I work from home and I’m training for a new client.  It has been so stressful, taking a course online in a virtual classroom.  It’s about 52 people and 2 instructors.  This course requires self study as well as classroom participation.  I’ve passed the final assessment, but have one more big step and I’m done. 

 If you are interested in working from home, go to http://www.theworkathomewoman.com and check out all the information provided on this wonderful website.  They have part-time, full-time and other opportunities available for women.   I’m going to put this link as one of my favorite blogs so you can access it when you visit my blog. 

I enjoy working from home, I really do.  It takes discipline to work from home and you have to be the kind of person that’s ok not having daily interaction with others.  It’s an adjustment, but has turned out to be one of the best moves I have made.  It has allowed me flexibility because I set my own hours, started my blog, make jewelry and be home for my family.  I never thought I would be the kind of woman that worked from home.  Times have changed, the economy has changed, and there are many opportunities to work from home.  I’m constantly researching ways I can generate income working from home with my computer.  Do some research if working from home is something that you have a desire for.  Don’t forget to check out The Work at Home Woman, it will make you take a serious look at your career situation.  I’ll be back in a few days, hopefully certified and ready to work for my new client!  Pray for a sista! 


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