Pinterest Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, enjoy and celebrate life.  It’s Easter this weekend, give thanks and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Quote ~ Oh yes!

101 Quotes About Easter | Easter Quotes | Christian Quotes for Easter — Faithful Provisions
Outfit ~ This is an oldie but I would wear this for Easter Sunday this weekend.
Sunday Brunch Garden Party by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Easter ~ I love fruit pizzas and this one for Easter is just right!
Fruit Pizza for Easter! With a sugar cookie crust and strawberry cream cheese
Handmade ~ Too cute and keeping up with the Easter theme.
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Pinterest Wednesday

Hope you all are having a fantabulous week!!!

Quote ~ This spoke to me on so many levels.

FREE PRINTABLE - General Confer Apr 2014 - "How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?" Dieter F. Uchtdorf


Outfit ~ I love this, entered it in a contest on Polyvore.  I’m old school about matching and coordinating!

"Fedora Hat" by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Easter ~ This is a nice sweet treat instead of having candy.
Handmade ~ I love this, I feature an artist from Etsy every week. 
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Pinterest Wednesday

Hope you are having a good week, hang in there!!

Quote ~ Let’s do our part to rid this world of hate

NO: Sexism, Racism, Ableism, homophobia, fatphobia, transphobia or general hatefulness allowed. You WILL be asked to leave. (Beside a raised fist on a tattooed arm)
Outfit ~ Springtime!!!!
"Mint & Beige Color Combo" by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Easter ~ Nice centerpiece 
Peeps and #Flower Arrangement|
Handmade ~ Isn’t this just pretty?
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Pinterest Wednesday

Hey everyone!  Wishing you all a great mid week.  Enjoy!

Quote ~ Unless you had yourself cloned!

Outfit ~ My daughter likes both of these dresses for prom, which one do you all like?  They are both on sale.

Trixxi Plus Size Strapless Ombre Gown
Easter ~ Aren’t these just pretty?
Easter egg cookie inspiration
Handmade ~ I love handmade wreaths.  Don’t laugh, but I would love to learn how to do this.
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Pinterest Wednesday

My favorite day of the week for my blog is back!  Enjoy!

Quote ~ Let it go….

The Past is Behind You
Outfit ~ This dress has been all over my social media, it’s grown and sexy.  The model looks like KeKe Wyatt. 
Youtheary Khmer Spring 2014 Viva Collection on The Curvy Fashionista
Easter ~ This is a pretty for a simple centerpiece.  
Easter centerpiece ~ Easter egg vase....I can use my real eggs! Love Easter time! Family and friends time! #easter #bunny #moments
Handmade ~ These are just too cute.
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Pinterest Wednesday

Midweek, hump day or whatever you call it…it’s Pinterest Wednesday!  Enjoy!

Quote ~ We all have a story….

Inspire Others. . .

Outfit ~ I love this dress, gonna find it.
Rachel Pally Long Wrap Dress (Plus size) available at #Nordstrom
St Patricks Day ~ Nice treat to take to work or for the kids.
St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Covered Pretzels #recipe #pretzels
Handmade ~ I think I’m gonna start a board with all wreaths.
Paper Flower Wreath MultiColor by FourthInLineKC on Etsy
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Pinterest Wednesday

This is my Black History edition of Pinterest Wednesday.  Enjoy!

Quote ~ This sums it up, I absolutely love this.

Wise Words & Funky Quotes To Live By - Part 2 - Funk Gumbo Radio: and "Like" us at:
Outfit ~ African inspired print
"African Print~Black History Month" by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Good Eating ~ I couldn’t resist this, gonna have to fix it very soon.
Crispy Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine - Jo Cooks
Handmade ~ Beautiful necklace
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Pinterest Wednesday

I’m so excited today!  I have a new attitude!  More to come, enjoy Pinterest picks for the week.

Quote ~ Don’t give up, keep pushing.

Just what is needed during the holidays when ghosts from the past emerge.  People who seek out to harm others need to stay in the past.
Outfit ~ This is how I feel right now….F I E R C E!!!!  My style…
Plus Size Clothing For Women | Five Tips on Building Up your Plus Size Fashion Wardrobe | Fierce
St Patrick’s Day ~ Interesting story on the history of St Patrick
History of St. Patrick's Day
Handmade ~ I’ve been wanting to learn to do this for a few years.  Gonna teach myself.  I know another craft….
Stampin' Up Handmade Greeting Card Butterfly by ConroysCorner
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Pinterest Wednesday

Hi, I’m here super busy, changes coming or shall I say additions.  Here’s my Valentine’s Day Pinterest finds for the week.  Enjoy!

Quote ~ It’s all about love this week.

Valentine's Day Quotes--Become a Love Magnet with "52 Romantic Things To Do" LOVE & LIGHT 2 YOUR SOULS
Outfit ~ Lupita is beautiful, it’s all about fantasy on outfit this week.
Bold & Beautiful: Actress Lupita Nyong'o wearing Ralph Lauren at the Golden Globes.
Valentine’s Day Treats ~ For the DIY’ers, I prefer a good meal.
50+ Delicious Valentine's Day Treats at
Etsy Shop ~ last minute diamonds always work!  This ring is pretty and simple, I love it.
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Pinterest Wednesday


Quote ~ If we could only be more conscience of this.

Outfit ~ I love this classic dress.  
Claire McCardell  (American, 1905–1958)


Valentine’s Day ~ I’m not the kind of woman that will die if I don’t get a gift.  We got bigger dreams to work on right now, but I’ll take a treat!

Homemade Valentine's Day Chocolate Pretzels Recipe
Handmade ~ Beautiful beadwork


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