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Happy Friday everyone, I’m having Scandal withdrawals.  Seriously.  It will finally be on next week, I can’t wait!

I have two new articles at Parent Society, one about rejuvenating when you are stressed out and need some alone time, click here for that article and here about my post on job tips for parents over 50 entering the work force again.  I’m searching for my next topics to write for them.  I try to write specifically for them about issues for the older woman, but I don’t want to take away my ideas for my own space.  I love the challenge and will keep writing as long as I can be creative.  It’s a good source for busy parents and has some pretty good writing.

The Catholic Church has finally chosen their next Pope.  I’m not gonna pretend I understand the religion, I respect everyone’s religion but I will say I’m glad that process is over.  

Don’t forget to support Kokoa Magazine, a great online magazine made for us everyday folks, articles about what we like and products we love!  Please subscribe, Kita is doing a wonderful job and making her dreams come true. 

It’s been a very busy week, got a lot going on, bowling party tonight, spring break next week and they are ready to hit the streets!  We’ll probably see what we can find that is “free” or very low cost.  My youngest wants to go to Chicago with her school next month.  They are taking a chartered bus to the museum and Navy Pier.  Here’s the kicker…the trip is $90 and it doesn’t include any food.  I can go as a chaperone for $30.  I’m gonna allow her to go, but she has to contribute her allowance to help pay for the trip.  She seems okay with that until she realizes she won’t have any spending money this weekend.  I guess I’m being cheap, but that’s just a bit much, but that bus must really be expensive.  I’m not sure if I’m going or not.  

I’ve moved my Outfit of the Week~OOTW to my page called Whitney’s Style.  I’m gonna use that for everything related with fashion, makeup etc.  

Enjoy your weekend and please be good to one another!

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Are You Spreading The Gospel?



Good afternoon everyone!  Went to church this morning, had a little breakfast, the girls are out and about and the Mr. is resting.  I’m on the computer doing my thing and thinking about what Pastor Clark preached on today.  His sermon today was “I’m Not Ashamed of The Gospel”, Romans 1:16-17.  When we grow in the word, we need to share the gospel with others.  We will need the gospel to move throughout the different stages of our lives.  I know for a fact that God is a healer, protector and provider.  Have you tried him?  I always want to encourage and lift women up to seek God when all else fails you.  We all have to remember because we get in our own way when times get hard, or we are in a valley.  Praying, it’s your chance to talk to God, whether it’s your daily/nightly prayer, or you just need to say a quick word or two to him.  He’s always there for us…ALWAYS.  We that call ourselves Christians, it’s our duty and His order that we minister to one another….Have a wonderful Sunday!

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