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We are pretty settled in our place, everything is unpacked, and I’m even putting up pictures and art work this time. Last year, I bought a painting of the St Louis skyline with the Arch, and I didn’t hang it up.  It’s really for my husband’s area, the man cave but it’s very nice.  I would like to have a painting of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, there are  some beautiful fountains and would like to have that captured in a painting. It looks like a home and I’m loving my office/living space. It’s my new hang out space, right next to the kitchen, how convenient.

I’m stepping up my social media a bit, I finally have a Facebook page for my blog.  Just click the icon to the right and it will connect you to my page.  It’s a work in progress, and I guess it’s time for me to start using Hootsuite.  I see that I have to set up a schedule so I won’t be all over the place.  I use LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and several others.  I’m going to be a contributing blogger for Parent Society, it’s a community for parents.  I like it, it’s edgy, entertaining and this community is for all parents.  I like that about them, check them out here.  I’m working on my first blog as we speak.  

Scandal was soooo good last night! I completely enjoy the suspense, backstabbing and the entertainment of politics.  That’s what TV was suppose to be about, taking us away from our lives for 30 minutes to an hour.  I love my Twitter stream, some of the responses are so funny, and last night a lot of us were saying the same thing.  I don’t exhale until the commercial break and I absolutely love being on Twitter on Scandal night, it’s hilarious!  I usually have to take a nap before it comes on, but I was good.  I even went online and watched the last episode to prepare myself.  We were rooting for poor Huck, he will not be the same after this.  Do you all watch it?  I also watched The Millionaire Matchmaker, I’m a sucker for love I can’t help it.  I did catch the last few minutes of Grey’s Anatomy, I don’t know why I stopped watching it.

I’m a working gal who doesn’t dress up much anymore.  I’ve always been more casual than dressy, even when I was working.  I would look professional, but I didn’t wear suits, I wore separates, it was more comfortable for me.  The only day I put on clothes and makeup is on Sunday, so I’m going to start showing my outfit of the week on Fridays.  I’ll get better on the pictures, try to show the complete looking including shoes.  So, here’s my OOTW from last Sunday, we dress very casual at my church and we go to the 7:30 service.  Sorry, I don’t own any First Lady suits, just not my style, but I can get clean when I have to.  This is really to encourage us to look our best, and for me to step up and take off the sweats when I go to the store.  It’s so easy for me to run around the corner to the store with sweats that are too short, t-shirt, hat and a jacket.  I don’t want to run into someone looking like a workout reject, that happened a few times when I was in Kansas City…awkward.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your support.




Jeans ~ Levi’s 

Sweater & Cami ~ Lane Bryant

Earrings – Gordmans

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Fashions for Women Over 40

I’m not an expert on fashion but I do know what I like.  I like classic, modern pieces.  I also can and will rock a good pair of jeans.  I also have a off the beaten path, funky side to me.  At times, I feel like I don’t fit in with what I see in the stores, online and in these fashion blogs.  I think I’m going to start featuring clothing that fits my style, including shoes and other accessories.  Let me work on that, get a few ideas and see how I can fit this into my blog.  I did a little retail back in the day and I have a girlfriend that would love to help me on this.   I want to find a couple of websites that feature clothing for mature women that are in that range of not feeling or looking old, but don’t want to look like were 20 (even though I’m sure some of us can!) 

Don’t worry, I won’t turn this into another fashion/style blog, but I think it would be fun to include a fashion piece once a month or so.  Fashion is part of our lifestyle, so let’s have some fun with it.  Would love to know what your fashion style is.


Here’s my old school jam of the day….smooth.





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