Spring Time

We’ve had a mild winter, but I’m so looking forward to spring, tulips blooming, leaves on the trees, birds and yes, a little shopping to update my wardrobe. I absolutely love tulips, my love took this picture last year on his route.



I’ve been looking at the new spring fashions and I have to truly say I’m ready to do a little shopping. I have a laid back style, love the carefree maxi dresses that are out now. I like to wear dresses/skirts in the warmer weather because all winter long, I’m in jeans, slacks, tights and leggings. When spring comes, I’m ready to be free.  Time to hit up TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, DSW, Justice (for my youngest daughter), Gordman’s.  I have to shop for my girls too, so you know it’s gonna be costly.

Spring is also a good time to go through your makeup, maybe donate some clothing, shoes and accessories.  Let’s start with makeup, throw out anything you haven’t used in the last 3-6 months.  Bacteria builds up and it can cause infections.  Also, it would also be a good time to replace any brushes or give them a good spring cleaning and sanitizing.  I’m going through my closet and if I haven’t worn the article of clothing, accessory or shoes in two years, I’m donating the items.  I have plenty of things I don’t wear now because I work from home.  I know that someone could use the items just sitting in my closet, and I could use the closet space too.  I don’t like to donate shoes, because once you have broken in a pair of shoes, the fit isn’t right when someone else tries to wear it.  I’ll give them away if I didn’t get much wear because it was something that was probably not a good fit, like hurting my feet.   I have never been one to wear shoes that hurt my feet.  Did you hear about Octavia Spencer crying on the red carpet because her feet were killing her?  That’s me…I’m the take a flat pair of shoes kinda of woman, you never know what will happen, so I’m prepared. 

One of my long time sistah/friends won tickets to Oprah’s Lifeclass coming here to St. Louis on March 26th.  We are attending the evening class which is featuring Iyanla Vanzant.  What a way to start a new season, being able to hear Iyanla speak.  I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, I was introduced to her when I lived in Los Angeles in the 90’s. 

Spring also means no more excuses from me about getting out to walk!  I like to dance for exercise, Zumba, Electric Slide dance classes, but I also like to walk.  Time to dust off the Nike’s and get ready to walk and smell all the pretty flowers and trees blooming.  Love the spring!  







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