Senior Year Celebration

We are in senior year mode around here.  I’m so excited for my daughter, she is having the time of her life.  We are getting down to the last few months and so much is going on.  We are about to plan for prom, she isn’t hard to please, but trying to stay on budget has been a challenge.


I know whatever we come up with, it will be pink and glitter.  Those are her favorite colors.  I created this outfit on Polyvore for her last year.  Everything in this picture is possible except for the shoes.  She doesn’t do heels at all.  She won’t even consider it.

"Pretty In Pink Prom Night" by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Prom, Senior Farewell Ceremony (formerly Baccalaureate) and graduation are all around Mother’s Day weekend.  The prom is Saturday, Senior Farewell Ceremony is Monday and graduation is Tuesday.  That’s a lot but I guess it’s good to get it all over with.  We get 7 tickets for the ceremony.  I feel for the families that need more.  My family lives out of town and my husbands family is here, but I’m not sure how many will come.  I’m thinking of having a celebration later on in the month to have fun with family and her friends.
The parents of the seniors are sponsoring a lock in the night of graduation.  She’s not sure if she wants to go, I explained she would have to stay all night and it may be a bit much for her.  That’s when sensory issues will really set in on her.  We’ll see, that’s why a celebration later in the month will probably work.
I remember my senior year like it was yesterday and it was almost 34 years ago.   A friend has my memory book and she has no idea where it is now, sad.  I still have my yearbook though.   We are going to do a senior scrapbook instead of the ones you can buy.    I think it will be a wonderful memory for her for years to come.  
Do you all remember your senior year?  Share please!
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  1. I’m right there with you ~ planning for two. This is such a magical time for them.

    My senior year was a blur. I just wanted it over. LOL

    • It is and I want her to take it all in because once it’s over all you have is the memories. Awwww, too bad on your senior year, I loved my senior year had a ball.

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