Loving My Crafts!

I’m a crafter. I crochet and make jewelry, but now I also have an interest in paper crafting and making wreaths. I wish I had spare time to take a class for each, but a girl barely has time for what I’m doing now.

I enjoy crocheting so much, I decided to start teaching a class at Hobby Lobby starting April 1st. I am so excited! It took a lot for me to get out of my comfort zone and do something I know I can do. There is also a need for jewelry making at that location. That is also in my list, basic beading/stringing.

Blogging has taken a step back, but I haven’t given up on it. I still want to share my journey including the twists and turns. Hopefully my life and the things I do to survive will encourage someone.

Who would have thought I could take something I love to do and make money while doing it? My Etsy shop is growing, I’m getting good feedback from it and I’m so glad I set up this shop to sell my handmade items? You know another social media I get a great response from? Instagram. My following has been increasing and I’ve met some fellow “hookers” that I’ve connected with. Hookers is the term for crocheters, because we use a crochet hook to create with.  

My plans for this year is to crochet hats, scarves and fingerless gloves for school children locally. I want to have these items ready by the time school starts so I can donate them along with the back packs and school supplies. This is a project that my daughters and I will do together. I’ll probably start around May or June so we’ll have plenty for donation. If I can’t do it for August, I’ll talk to my church and donate them when they do the food drive for Thanksgiving. That may be a better time to do it, the need will be there at that time.

One thing I know, life will take you here when you want to go over there. You can do one of two things, go with the flow or go crazy trying to figure out. I’m going with the flow, continue to pray, keep the faith and craft until it gets better.

Here a few pieces I’ve been working on lately.  The tote bag/purse and earrings are both popular items and I love the personalized afghan.


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  1. Loving the earrings. Blogging will be here your passion is at the forefront now and I am loving it.
    Kita recently posted..The Atlanta History CenterMy Profile

  2. so glad i stopped in to see what you are up to … and it looks like alot! have fun creating and following your passion … your blog will just fine in the meantime and you can always stop in when you have a moment. all the best!!
    chandra recently posted..MODERN BOHEMIAN LIVING//AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT I’M CALLING ITMy Profile

    • Thanks Chandra, I’m trying to decide which way to take the blog. I still have lots of stories to share, just gotta figure out how to incorporate the two or have two separate.

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