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My best friend from high school was in town yesterday.  We went to Oprah’s Lifeclass (more on that in a later post).  She lives in Tulsa, OK and I live in St Louis.  We are from Kansas City, MO.  We haven’t spent time together in probably 23 years when I went to Tulsa to visit her many years ago.  She would come see me when I lived in Kansas City, but we haven’t had a day to have fun in a long time.  I miss her, and remember why we are such good friends.  She is my sister, I had the stronger personality, louder and bolder.  She is outspoken, she did it in a gentler, less vocal way than me.  I think that’s what I loved about her.  We met in the 10th grade, and immediately became friends.  I remember when her mom came to my house to meet my parents, so we could really hang out and go places together and really be good friends.   It was six of us who used to hang out together, but she and I were the closest.  We have been through so much together, I was her maid of honor at her wedding, she was mine, been through death of our parents and the challenges we’ve both had in our adult lives.  We have both shared secrets that we are taking to the grave, and we celebrate life and the love of God together.

We went to the mall, shopped, laughed and talked, took pictures together like teen aged  girls holding the cell phone up and cheesing for the camera and even asked strangers to take pictures of us.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and didn’t even eat cheesecake!   I regret that now of course, because it’s back to the grind.  The cheesecake is rich and I was too full to eat anything else.  I know, should have gotten that to go.  We talked about our mid-life journey, keeping our youthful looks, but not looking like we are 20 or 70.  Shopping at our age can be a challenge, because a lot of the clothing is made for younger women.  I absolutely LOVE Nordstrom Rack, we had a ball there.  I discovered she loves 4-5 inch heeled shoes, while I was looking wedges and cute flats.  I was disappointed at Macy’s, but can always find a bargain.  The Plus Size department in Macy’s had clothing made for women more conservative than I am.  My bestie agreed too.  We are both beautiful plus sized, fashion forward women and neither one of us ever have a problem finding beautiful clothes.  

I just spoke with my friend this morning before they hit the road back to Tulsa.  We made a promise to see more of each other and that means me going to Tulsa to see her.  It’s not something we can do every month because of our busy lives, but we will plan trips to visit one another.  Thank you Veronica for the wonderful day and for remembering that we must take time for each other, and nurture our relationships as well.  I love you dearly.


Whitney or as you affectionally know me….Mick

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  1. It is always nice to be able to be to not see somebody in years and still connect with them! You ladies sound like you have a great friendship!

    • Yes, we will always be friends, thanks for stopping by, love your blog! I’m a crafter, need more time for it.

  2. It is so nice to be able to spend time with friends. I think we loose track of priorities and get lost in the “to do” list.

    • We do, I agree. We owe it to ourselves, and our “to do” lists will still be there after we take a little time for ourselves. I love your blog.

  3. My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon in the town I grew up in but had moved away from 10 years earlier. It was great to see my childhood friends again and reconnect. I even found one of them on facebook so we can stay in touch!

    • Glad to see that link is working now!!!! She is my girl, we have deep secrets just don’t get to see each other much. We do stay in touch on Facebook.

  4. I think friends are the most awesome things the gods ever made.
    Classic NYer recently posted..On diners and long journeysMy Profile

    • I think so too, especially when you have been friends as long as we have been. We met in the 10th grade. Memories…

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