Living With Our Past

I don’t want this to be a rant, but this past week I saw Mimi Alford on TV more times that I care to remember.  If you are someone who follow or watches the news, you know who she is.  She is the woman that had a 18 month affair with President John F. Kennedy. I promised that I would use this blog to uplift, but here’s what I want to say.

My sistahs, if you are living with something that is so terrible that it has consumed your life this long, then take care of it.  Go to the person or address the situation that has caused your past to be a demon to you.  I’m trying very hard not to be judgemental with this woman because I don’t know her or what she has had to deal with for almost 50 years.  What I know, it is not healthy to live with something like that for so long.  Writing a book about the affair doesn’t seem like the answer, but it bothers me that the media has this woman on every network interviewing her like President Kennedy having affairs was something new.  She also didn’t think about how this would affect his family, or did she? 

I don’t know about you, but there are a few things from my past that I’m taking to the grave with me, because I have either forgiven myself, the person or situation.  Asking God for forgiveness is a wonderful feeling, maybe they should try that!  I’m trying very hard to teach my girls to really think about things before they act, because your actions can haunt you a lifetime.  Who wants to live with that?  I hope my opinion on this was helpful and makes you all think about letting go of the past.  Be encouraged and share this with someone.



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