Holiday Shopping Safety Tips


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Everyone is out and about busy shopping and preparing for Christmas.  Let’s remember a few safety tips while out, especially if you are out after dark…

  • Have your keys in hand when going to the car, don’t wait until you are at the car to start looking for your keys
  • If possible, carry a small purse or wristlet.  Now if you have a hard time keeping up with something that small, then stick to your purse.
  • Try to keep credit/debit card info out of plain sight, you never know who’s looking over your shoulder. 
  • Don’t leave your packages in your car for people to see.  If possible, put them in the trunk or in the back if you drive a SUV or minivan.
  • Please, please don’t leave your purse in the car all open for the world to see.  I have never been able to understand why women do this one.
  • When it’s time to leave the mall or shopping area, try to go with others, especially if you are shopping alone.
  • I try to make sure someone knows where I am when I’m out shopping.
  • Make sure you keep all receipts or have them email them to you.  Some retailers offer email option for receipts now.

Here’s a few others, not safety related but things to keep in mind.

  • Be comfortable while shopping but decent.  You don’t want to run into Sis Oh No She Didn’t at the mall looking like you just rolled out of the bed.
  • Make sure you eat before going shopping or have a little lunch while out.  You know how some of us are, excited about shopping but won’t eat.  I’m not one of those.
  • If you normally shop alone, do your Christmas shopping alone.  No sense of ruining any relationships or getting mad at someone right before the holiday.
  • Have fun but remember to stay within the budget you set.
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  1. Great tips. I don’t shop that much in the stores anymore but I do make sure I grab my keys before I get to my car and I also look around me if something looks out of place I stay in the store.
    Kita recently posted..What to get for Christmas?My Profile

    • I had surgery 10 years ago and couldn’t get out to shop, it was the same year my mom died. I was so busy I did all my shopping online and been doing it ever since.

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