Holiday Shopping Craze

I was out this weekend picking up a few things at Costco.  All I can say is online shopping!  It was pure craziness Saturday, no place to park and people everywhere.  I love the holidays, the sense of family, giving and merriment, but I am no longer good with crowds.  What was I thinking, running errands on a Saturday?  I run 80% of my errands during the week.  I went to Costco to get Listerine, coffee and water, that’s all.  We were out of and I only buy those items in bulk.



Normally I would have spent about 30-60 minutes there, going through the isles, taste testing all the food and end up spending about $100.  I couldn’t take it, shopping carts all over the place, people knocking you over to get the the taste of food they are giving away.  The checkout lines, I just couldn’t so I went to self checkout and they were just as long.  My mind was running, get outta here girl!!!  Finally, I check out my three items, pick up some lunch at the food counter for my husband and I and get out of that place.  I was so ready to get home I didn’t even stop at one of the craft stores I like to frequent.  I’ll save that for my weekly runs.  

On the drive home, I see men in their yards cleaning up leaves, testing lights and getting ready to decorate.  Children in their cute winter hats, running around not aware that it’s cold outside.  I love how children can play outside year round, enjoying themselves no matter the weather.  My girls used to love to play in the cold weather especially when the snow came.  I love those memories from my children.  I’m ready to put our tree, we didn’t decorate last Christmas because of moving last year.  We are gonna put the tree in my office/space this year, the girls and I always make a big deal out of decorating for Christmas.  

Shopping for the holidays will be limited, plus I have my plan on what the girls are getting.  My youngest just told me the other day that she wanted some Beats headphones by Dr Dre.  Ummm, do you all know how much they cost?  I wanted to get them a pair of Ugg boots, they have them for a discount at the Air Force Exchange and I’m also going to the new outlet mall, they had them pretty reasonable there at the Ugg Outlet store.  My oldest wants a new laptop, she needs one and will put it to good use with school and all.  I can do all of that online.  The only need to go out is to purchase a few outfits for them.

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I love the holidays, really.  I don’t when I became so anti-crowd, but it really hit me on Saturday.  No Black Friday for me, I never got into getting up at 3:00am to go push and fight over two TV’s.  I’m gonna shop with the seniors and other day timers during the week and be home by 1:00pm.  Good luck to the rest of you and let’s share those holiday shopping stories!


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  1. Whew. I can definitely do without the crowds. I think online is the way to go. If I choose to go out “shopping” it will be for socializing and taking my time…maybe for people watching. I love the holidays and the fan fare that goes with it.

    • I’m a people watcher too Hope, it’s part of the shopping experience for me. I’ll even hold a conversation with ya if you sit down next to me. I did my grocery shopping earlier and I’ll probably be in for the rest of the weekend.

  2. No Black Friday for me either, i don’t think, lol! I’ll be teaching at the gym all morning so we’ll see. I can’t with the grocery store though. I can only imagine that whacky crowd you spoke of! I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving and Cheers to Cyber Monday!
    Joi recently posted..Thanksgiving Gratitude – This Blog is My BabyMy Profile

    • I know Joi, I just saw where Walmart is gonna have those headsets my daughter wants on sale tonight for $119! I’m too tired to go out though, but tempted. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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