Hair Mayhem

I took my braids down the other day, it was time.  I got my last relaxer on October 20, 2011.  I’ve been going strong, being patient and allowing my relaxer to grow out.  Transitioning is a long process and some women give in and others stick to it.  Well, back to the story….after taking down the braids, I shampoo, condition and started to comb out my hair. It was very tangled and I knew I would lose some hair during the comb out process, it had been braided for a month.  Here’s where it gets “hairy”, sorry couldn’t help it.  While combing, I pulled out 95% of the middle section!  I panicked and out of frustration cut it all off, I’m talking went Angela Bassett from “Waiting to Exhale” where she grabbed the scissors and started cutting, until all the relaxed hair was gone.  

When the fog cleared and my panic attack was over, I had cut all my hair off.  I gotta tell ya, I didn’t like what I was looking at.  I was an emotional, exhausted mess.  I tried to tell the Mr. and trust me he wasn’t supportive.  That’s ok.  I picked up my pride and went to my room and put a scarf on it to keep the funny looks and disappointing comments from my family.  I had to wait until Tuesday to go see the barber who was very supportive and hooked me up with a nice style to fit my face and shape of my head.  Thank you Jeff, of Mister Jeff’s in University City (St Louis) for taking care of me!  Love the way it looks and when I add the moisturizer and oils, my little coils pop right up!  It’s amazing!  

I got through this knee jerk reaction, but gotta be careful about that because it can cost me.  Could be emotional, financial or physical…who knows.  Whew, gotta hold on, that was a menopause moment!  Keep ya head up ladies!





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  1. Sheryl Wilcher Bell says:

    Girl, I love that du…..It really looks nice and you are wearing it!!!!!!! lv Sheryl and Aleta

    • Hey Sheryl & Aleta, thanks so much for visiting and reading! Been off because of moving back to KC, but I’ll be back later this week.

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