Give Us Our Daily Bread

How often do you say the Lord’s Prayer?  What does it mean to you?  If you are like me, you learned this prayer when you were a child.  My pastor preached on this one Sunday.  He spoke about our daily bread, based on our need, not our greed.  Our need for the word, and how it can save us, deliver us and how we are to share it with others.  One thing he also said during his sermon that stuck with me is that we need a priority transfusion.   How awesome is that, it should make us think about God’s grace and mercy with no limits for us.  Isn’t that the truth?  I thought about that, what my priorities were.  My priorities are God, family, friends, others.  I don’t worry about myself, because I know God will provide for me.   Don’t get wrong, I in no way neglect myself, just the opposite.  I pray daily and make sure I get plenty of rest.  We need to stop worrying if we believe God will provide.  What are your priorities in life, does it include sharing God’s word, and truly living on faith?

 I just like to share and be a gentle reminder of how blessed our lives are, always offer words of encouragement and show love.  I hope this video by VaShawn Mitchell lifts you and let’s you know that God is all we really need as our daily bread.  Have a good week & take care…


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