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Monday morning and I have plenty to do today….IEP meeting for my daughter, go to the school district to take two utilities, even though I brought them the deed to the house to prove residency.   They have strict residency requirements, but here’s the crazy part, I completed all the paperwork including my new name, my husbands information and when he went into the parent portal, they still have my old last name and work information.  They didn’t list his job at all, and that didn’t make him happy.  He said he was calling the district today, he does not want them to think he’s unemployed.  Lawd, let me get to them before he does.  

I went to see Sparkle with some friends Friday and didn’t take one picture, I’m slipping.  I thought the movie was good, Whitney Houston did a good job of playing the strict, bible thumping mother of three daughters.  Jordan Sparks is very talented, she has beautiful range with her voice.  I saw her in concert four years ago when she opened for Alicia Keys, and to be honest with you I can’t remember her performance.  But do you know who did wonderful in the movie….Mike Epps!  He played the part of a flashy comedian who stole Sparkle’s sister from her boyfriend by flashing a diamond ring in her face!   It was funny, me and one of my friends sang during the whole movie.  I’m gonna take the girls to see the movie, I like to use movies and situations on TV as teachable moments for them.  

I stayed home all weekend except to take my husband to and from work.  I’ve got to get busy though, we need to find a church home.  We decided together to find a new church home, he said he just didn’t feel comfortable at my old church and I can respect that and agreed.  It’s our goal to attend church as a family, worship together and that means attending a church that we both feel that we can accomplish three things, learn the word, hear the word and a place to worship.  

My hair is graying faster as each day goes by, I had set a goal of no chemicals for one year.  I’m currently researching adding henna to my hair, and searching for a salon that specializes in natural hair care.  Actually I may contact my hair stylist I used, I believe she can do my hair.  We’ll see, but I definitely need to cover some of this gray.  You really can’t see it in this picture, but it’s coming in more.  I took this picture about a month ago.  Gray hair has a mind of it’s own, a little harder to manipulate, but I can still control it with Eco Styler Gel, love that stuff.


When I was packing for the move, either me or the girls gave away my Nike’s.  I want to start walking again now that I’m settled.  I bought these, and I figured one thing out, Nike’s are too narrow for me.  These are K-Swiss and are very comfortable.  My knees were killing me when I finished walking and that was because my darn shoes were too tight!  I can and will start my walks again, thank goodness.  I have been very relaxed (lazy) when it comes to diet and exercise and now that everything is back to normal I will get my schedule together.


How was everyone’s weekend?  Anything special coming up for the holiday this weekend?  We’ll be home, taking it easy, chillin.   Have a great day, and encourage someone today.


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  1. LOVE that hubby is so involved with the girls’ education…and, yes, please get them to update that info before he gets a hold of them…LOL

    I haven’t seen Sparkle yet – I’m saving it for my Divas Weekend Away next month. Can’t wait because I’ve heard great things about it!

    I’ve seen some great results with henna – it’s messy but the color is so rich and vibrant.
    Michelle recently posted..September No Spend ChallengeMy Profile

    • Yes, he is definitely hands on and Sgt at the same time! Yeah I’ve heard that about henna, that’s why I’ll probably pay someone in October!

  2. I color the few strands I have back to the regular schedule program for me also around here I have been sick all week and my home and life has run amuck.
    Kita recently posted..Someone like youMy Profile

  3. i haven’t seen Sparkle, but my sister called me and insisted that i do. maybe i’ll have a date with myself on Sunday. girl – Nike’s are narrow. i had a pair of K-Swiss that were 14 years old (yes…i’m telling the truth!) and i just threw them away this summer. those things lasted forever…probably because i never exercised in ’em. oh well… :)
    miss donna recently style | thrift store shoppingMy Profile

    • Check it out and let me know what you think. I didn’t realize how narrow Nike’s were until I tried on the K-Swiss and a new pair of Nike’s. Yeah, they’ll probably last me that long too.

  4. Whitney, I love this post! I plan to go see Sparkle soon! Stopping by from SITS!
    Sherelle recently posted..Sunday Squabble: Why I love that Man!My Profile

  5. I’m jumping over from SOC and have been just reading through your posts. I have an area of gray (white) that I pull to the side when I henna my hair. I didn’t do it once, and those hairs were so seriously orangey-red… I think you might want to try some indigo with your henna unless you want orange hairs… For all I know you already dyed your hair, but I’m adding a link to a gray coverage page at the place I get my henna from…
    Trina recently posted..A Little Somethin’, Somethin’My Profile

    • Hi Trina, thanks for visiting….I haven’t colored it yet for that reason. I’ve talked with a few other ladies that got teh same result. I’ll check it out, appreciate it.

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