Am I My Mothers’ Child?

“You are acting just like yo momma!” I started hearing this from my ex-husband. He would say it to tick me off when we were having an argument. Each time he said it, I would be so upset, I mean almost crying mad! Then other people started to say it too, you are acting just like Calla! I wouldn’t curse at them, but I sure thought about it. I fought that label for as long as I could. Maturity gives you great hindsight, and you think, I am just like her. As a matter of fact, I look just like her. Who else am I suppose to be like? She gave birth to me, raised me, taught me everything I know about being a woman. I have her mannerisms, I look and even sound like her. I wished that the 25 year old me could have appreciated it when being told, you are just like your mother.

Do you all find yourself doing and saying things that your mother used to say? Maybe you didn’t say things exactly like her, but you can appreciate how she must have felt when she was raising you or going through different cycles or changes in life, especially menopause.  That’s when I had that “Ah Ha” moment, I am just like her. I’m sure my daughters probably think I’m worse than grandma. I don’t play, and they know it!

People would say my mother was difficult. I admit, she didn’t play and would cut you with words if she had too. She was hard on my sister and I, she believed that she had to raise us to be responsible women who would be able to take care of ourselves. She was tough on the boys, just not like she was on us. I know why she was like that because she became a single mother at the age of 15. She worked in my uncle’s barbecue restaurant waiting tables, cleaning up and whatever else she was asked to do. We are a product of our environment, but we don’t have to stay there.


my parents, Phillip & Calla Gordon


Maybe you aren’t like your mother at all, but trust me there is something that you have taken from your mother, whether it’s her looks, personality, tenacity, whatever it is. Momma would think I’m sharing too much with strangers on the “computer”.   Life, family, work they all play a part in our mental well being. We must be determined not to let our environment keep us down to the point that it keeps us from hearing and doing what God has in store for us. Yes, I am Calla Lee Gordon’s daughter, I know that I am making her proud of the woman I turned out to be. I love God, my family and friends. I miss her dearly. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother in your life, give her a great big hug and tell her thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

My mother passed away 8 years ago today, August 10, 1930 ~ December 26, 2003.  Here’s a dedication to my momma……

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  1. I get that a lot too!!! I take it as a compliment because she was oh so Beautiful and didn’t play also (Laughing)

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