All That Glitters…



I love jewelry..the shinier the better.  It’s my hobby and I enjoy it.  I love creating something that you can wear with beads, wires and baubles.  When I sit down to make a piece of jewelry, I get absolutely lost in the process.  I have taken 20 minutes to 3 hours to make a piece, just depending on what’s involved in the process.  I have been asked to make jewelry in the past, and have repaired broken pieces for friends.

I have been blessed to now have the time to design and make jewelry.   I’m not in any hurry, I’m just going to make pieces, show them to people, on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ pages and of course my blog.  I used to make bracelets and earrings as gifts for my friends.  I’ve been asked to make gifts for their family and friends.  My pieces are simple, classic and pretty. 

Do you have a hobby that you have considered turning into a side hustle or business?   What recommendations and suggestions do you have?  I am the research queen, so I’m constantly on the Internet researching, that’s how I found different websites where people sell their jewelry.  I’ve also discovered a wonderful website called Etsy.  It’s an website where you can buy/sell handmade or vintage items.  They have Etsy Communities, it’s very interesting.  Check it out,  One day I will be able to share my Etsy page with you.  Be encouraged, and let your creative side show.


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