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Happy Wednesday, enjoy and celebrate life.  It’s Easter this weekend, give thanks and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Quote ~ Oh yes!

101 Quotes About Easter | Easter Quotes | Christian Quotes for Easter — Faithful Provisions
Outfit ~ This is an oldie but I would wear this for Easter Sunday this weekend.
Sunday Brunch Garden Party by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Easter ~ I love fruit pizzas and this one for Easter is just right!
Fruit Pizza for Easter! With a sugar cookie crust and strawberry cream cheese
Handmade ~ Too cute and keeping up with the Easter theme.
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Pinterest Wednesday

Hope you all are having a fantabulous week!!!

Quote ~ This spoke to me on so many levels.

FREE PRINTABLE - General Confer Apr 2014 - "How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?" Dieter F. Uchtdorf


Outfit ~ I love this, entered it in a contest on Polyvore.  I’m old school about matching and coordinating!

"Fedora Hat" by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Easter ~ This is a nice sweet treat instead of having candy.
Handmade ~ I love this, I feature an artist from Etsy every week. 
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Comparison Shopping ~ Brand Name vs Generic Label



I am the CEO of the home, I pay all the bills, buy all the food, manage the budget, etc.  The other day I needed to buy some cream of mushroom and celery soup.  I normally buy Campbell’s but I looked at the price of one can of soup and decided it was time to do a little comparison shopping.  I looked to see where the generic label soup was and here was the difference ~ Campbell’s was $1.79 and the generic label was $1.00.  I looked at the labels on each and there wasn’t a difference, so I purchased the generic or store label.  The ingredients were basically the same and I honestly couldn’t see why I would pay so much more for Campbell’s.   I do it for the sake of peace at home.


Soup comparison

Let me give you a little history…

When I was a single mother, I would buy generic can goods and some food from Aldi.  I tried a little bit of everything, scratch & dent sales, coupons.  You name it I tried it.  Finally I decided to shop the weekly ads and that started working for me.  I would do the weekly ads and Walmart.  A co-worker came to me with this concept her church was promoting, it was a monthly program that you pay $25 and you get a box full of food, mostly staples, all of it generic label.  I did it two months and paid it forward for a friend that was struggling.  You had to pay in advance and on the first of the month, went to the church and picked up your box of food.   This worked for a while, but I didn’t like that you weren’t able to pick your food and some generic food just isn’t good, no matter how much you season it.  

Then I met my husband…

He does not buy generic anything, not one thing.  I explained to him when you are a single parent with two children, a mortgage, car payment and other bills, you budget, budget and budget.  I can remember eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches which was fine as long as my girls were able to eat a decent meal.  He called me cheap, I told him whatever.  I agreed not to buy generic for his sake and my sanity, but at times I can’t help it.  

It’s tough out there right now, gas in our area is reaching the $4 per gallon status, groceries are expensive and it’s more expensive to eat healthy.  I keep working that budget, rearranging things and try to make the best of what we have.  I’ve cut back a lot for the sake of the budget. 

What about you, do you shop generic or brand name?  Please share.



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Pinterest Wednesday

Hope you are having a good week, hang in there!!

Quote ~ Let’s do our part to rid this world of hate

NO: Sexism, Racism, Ableism, homophobia, fatphobia, transphobia or general hatefulness allowed. You WILL be asked to leave. (Beside a raised fist on a tattooed arm)
Outfit ~ Springtime!!!!
"Mint & Beige Color Combo" by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Easter ~ Nice centerpiece 
Peeps and #Flower Arrangement|
Handmade ~ Isn’t this just pretty?
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Teach and Love With Truth




I take my role as a mother very seriously as most of you do.  I want them to reach for the stars, try new things and live the best life.  I could handle their activities when they were younger, it was tight but I did it.  As they get older, that price doubles at times triples!  It’s hard telling them at times we can’t afford certain activities but I promised myself I would always tell them the truth.   I don’t go into detail but I explain to them the reason why we can’t do a certain activity.  Do they always understand, no but they are troopers and show me they can handle the truth.  

I was a very active teenager, I wasn’t in everything…let’s just say I did have my picture in the yearbook more than just the class section.  Yes, I went to high school several generations ago, but my parents had to tell me that I couldn’t participate in a certain activity.  The one that comes to mind and will always be the most vivid is missing prom in my senior year.  I went to prom in my sophomore year as an user, twice in my junior year, but I missed my senior year.  All my friends went our senior year, all of them.  They came by my house right before they went to prom and let me see them all dressed up and pretty.  My momma’s thinking was I went twice the year before, this last one wasn’t bad.  I was crushed, but I survived it.  Don’t feel bad, I was able to attend all the other senior activities and eventually got over missing the prom.  

When my mother was my age and going through menopause I didn’t understand a thing about what she was going through.  Momma was the kind of woman that kept personal stuff to herself.  She may have shared it with her friends, and I’m sure my daddy knew but I didn’t.  I was a young adult at the time.  My girls ask me when something isn’t right, they know when I’m out of whack.  I just explain that I’m tired and my youngest always ask me, why are you so tired?  I explained to my daughter that I’m at that age when things start to change and some days are better than others, which includes me being tired all the time.  I told her that all women will go through this at one point in their life.  I always try to keep it light but discuss life with them, it’s so important.

The truth also includes making sure my girls understand how to respect and understand when someone with a certain amount of wisdom speaks to them and at times has a lesson to share.  This is the stage that we are entering now, about being a young woman, what to seek in life and how to recognize the truth in people.  My momma didn’t talk much about life with me, and I understand why.  I talk about life everyday to my girls, I tell them how much I love them and how proud I am of them.  I want them to have confidence and not lack from not understanding that life happens.  That’s the best truth I can share with them.

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Pinterest Wednesday

Hey everyone!  Wishing you all a great mid week.  Enjoy!

Quote ~ Unless you had yourself cloned!

Outfit ~ My daughter likes both of these dresses for prom, which one do you all like?  They are both on sale.

Trixxi Plus Size Strapless Ombre Gown
Easter ~ Aren’t these just pretty?
Easter egg cookie inspiration
Handmade ~ I love handmade wreaths.  Don’t laugh, but I would love to learn how to do this.
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Pinterest Wednesday

My favorite day of the week for my blog is back!  Enjoy!

Quote ~ Let it go….

The Past is Behind You
Outfit ~ This dress has been all over my social media, it’s grown and sexy.  The model looks like KeKe Wyatt. 
Youtheary Khmer Spring 2014 Viva Collection on The Curvy Fashionista
Easter ~ This is a pretty for a simple centerpiece.  
Easter centerpiece ~ Easter egg vase....I can use my real eggs! Love Easter time! Family and friends time! #easter #bunny #moments
Handmade ~ These are just too cute.
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Senior Year Celebration

We are in senior year mode around here.  I’m so excited for my daughter, she is having the time of her life.  We are getting down to the last few months and so much is going on.  We are about to plan for prom, she isn’t hard to please, but trying to stay on budget has been a challenge.


I know whatever we come up with, it will be pink and glitter.  Those are her favorite colors.  I created this outfit on Polyvore for her last year.  Everything in this picture is possible except for the shoes.  She doesn’t do heels at all.  She won’t even consider it.

"Pretty In Pink Prom Night" by mswhit62 on Polyvore
Prom, Senior Farewell Ceremony (formerly Baccalaureate) and graduation are all around Mother’s Day weekend.  The prom is Saturday, Senior Farewell Ceremony is Monday and graduation is Tuesday.  That’s a lot but I guess it’s good to get it all over with.  We get 7 tickets for the ceremony.  I feel for the families that need more.  My family lives out of town and my husbands family is here, but I’m not sure how many will come.  I’m thinking of having a celebration later on in the month to have fun with family and her friends.
The parents of the seniors are sponsoring a lock in the night of graduation.  She’s not sure if she wants to go, I explained she would have to stay all night and it may be a bit much for her.  That’s when sensory issues will really set in on her.  We’ll see, that’s why a celebration later in the month will probably work.
I remember my senior year like it was yesterday and it was almost 34 years ago.   A friend has my memory book and she has no idea where it is now, sad.  I still have my yearbook though.   We are going to do a senior scrapbook instead of the ones you can buy.    I think it will be a wonderful memory for her for years to come.  
Do you all remember your senior year?  Share please!
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Loving My Crafts!

I’m a crafter. I crochet and make jewelry, but now I also have an interest in paper crafting and making wreaths. I wish I had spare time to take a class for each, but a girl barely has time for what I’m doing now.

I enjoy crocheting so much, I decided to start teaching a class at Hobby Lobby starting April 1st. I am so excited! It took a lot for me to get out of my comfort zone and do something I know I can do. There is also a need for jewelry making at that location. That is also in my list, basic beading/stringing.

Blogging has taken a step back, but I haven’t given up on it. I still want to share my journey including the twists and turns. Hopefully my life and the things I do to survive will encourage someone.

Who would have thought I could take something I love to do and make money while doing it? My Etsy shop is growing, I’m getting good feedback from it and I’m so glad I set up this shop to sell my handmade items? You know another social media I get a great response from? Instagram. My following has been increasing and I’ve met some fellow “hookers” that I’ve connected with. Hookers is the term for crocheters, because we use a crochet hook to create with.  

My plans for this year is to crochet hats, scarves and fingerless gloves for school children locally. I want to have these items ready by the time school starts so I can donate them along with the back packs and school supplies. This is a project that my daughters and I will do together. I’ll probably start around May or June so we’ll have plenty for donation. If I can’t do it for August, I’ll talk to my church and donate them when they do the food drive for Thanksgiving. That may be a better time to do it, the need will be there at that time.

One thing I know, life will take you here when you want to go over there. You can do one of two things, go with the flow or go crazy trying to figure out. I’m going with the flow, continue to pray, keep the faith and craft until it gets better.

Here a few pieces I’ve been working on lately.  The tote bag/purse and earrings are both popular items and I love the personalized afghan.


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Closet Cleaning

It’s time for me to purge my closet again.  This time because I have a lot of clothes that I just don’t wear anymore due to several factors, my style has changed and you can guess the other.    I have a more casual, relaxed way of dressing.  I have business attire and “church clothes”, I never was anywhere near First Lady status.  I’m a classy, stylish woman, my taste has just changed a bit.  With that, I’m gonna gather my clothing and look for a consignment shop for plus size women.  I have some very nice pieces, a suede suit, several pants suits, after five wear and much more.  I just don’t wear them anymore and some are too little.  Okay I got that out.  I have several pairs of shoes that I want to sell as well.   

My rule is if I haven’t worn it in two years, it has to go.  These items are way past that time, I just didn’t want to get rid of them because I wanted to hold on to a certain time in my life and I paid good money for some of the items.  One outfit I wore in a fashion show only, never got a chance to wear it out.  

Here’s part of my dilemma, I would actually prefer donating the clothing, but would like to raise a little money from some of the items.  I know someone would benefit from the suits for job interviews, church or whatever they need them for, but I have to admit I spent a pretty penny on some of the clothing.  I may do just a few items consignment and find a group where I can donate clothing for women in a shelter or a place like that.  I’ll be researching this soon, as I want to have the clothing donated before spring.   The pictures really don’t do the outfits justice, especially the off white one, it’s an after five, has sparkles all on the top.  These are just three of the outfits that I plan to giveaway or put on consignment.   


Working from home has cause me to reinvent myself.  I have reinvented my style, well sort of.  It has to be functional and comfortable at the same time.  You won’t see me in moo moo’s,  or all polyester pieces.  I’m at the point where I don’t care for wearing jeans anymore.  I have three pair that I love and I’ll keep them.  I don’t wear 4 inch heels anymore, that’s as high as I would go.  I can’t walk in them and I’m not risking twisting my ankles any more for the sake of keeping up with my younger counterparts.  I’ll let you all have them.  I will continue to like them and put them in my Pinterest board, Lover of Shoes.   

So now it’s off to find a consignment shop in my area for some of the higher priced pieces and I’ll donate the work and play pieces.  I think that’s a nice balance.  How often do you all clean out your closets and do you donate, sell or do consignment?

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